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Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed techniques worldwide and very common in Houston, The Woodlands, and Conroe, Texas. In Dr. Paul S. Gill’s practice, we typically perform liposuction as an adjunct to several of my cosmetic procedures.

I find that I can obtain outstanding results in tummy tuck, breast surgery, facelift surgery, and general body contouring by utilizing liposuction in combination with body contouring procedures. I recommend liposuction as an independent procedure to shape and contour a problem area. Liposuction is not a method of weight loss or weight reduction. It does very little to treat loose skin and loose muscle and is primarily utilized to address problematic fatty tissue areas.

From the day I walked into Dr. Gills office for the initial free consultation, to the last post op appointment everything went smooth. I felt comfortable and confident I would achieve the outcome I wanted. I felt in good hands with Dr. Gill. I felt as if I were his only patient. I never had to wait in the waiting room, I got a personal call from Dr. Gill himself telling me his staff was not coming in because of ice and weather and rescheduled my appointment. I had access to his personal cell phone and when more medication or questions arose he made me feel comfortable calling him on a weekend. I would definitely go to Dr Gill again for any other needs and recommend him to any one that needs this type of work. Dr. Gill’s staff is top notch, his skills are impeccable and he is a magician in my book. Thanks


Individual results may vary

The two common techniques that I utilize are tumescent liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction. Tumescent liposuction involves the use of a standard tumescent solution which is infiltrated into the tissues to help soften the fat cells and provide pain medication and a hemostatic effect. We then allow adequate time for this solution to take effect and then utilizing a small liposuction cannula to remove the fatty tissue utilizing a power assisted liposuction technique. This allows for better control in shaping during the liposuction procedure.

Individual results may vary

Another technique commonly utilized in my practice is ultrasonic liposuction. Dr. Gill strongly believe in this technique for revision liposuction procedures and for the treatment of dense fibrous tissue. This works wonderful for male breast tissue, areas of denser fatty tissue like the upper and lower back, and any areas that have had previous surgery or scar tissue. The technique involves the placement of a tumescent solution, followed by the use of an ultrasound probe in a continuous fashion to help dissolve and soften dense fatty tissue. We then utilize our standard liposuction cannulas to harvest the fatty tissue in several different planes and angles to obtain a soft smooth elegant result.

What is the key to a nice natural result?

Dr. Gill believes the key to an elegant result in the postoperative process is the right compression garment. Strong compression that is worn in a continuous fashion allows swelling and bruising to quickly resolve. I closely follow liposuction patients during the first three weeks and if I notice that the swelling has not appropriately resolved, we will quickly begin to discuss deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is wonderful at breaking up swelling and stimulating lymphatic drainage, which will decrease the risk and likelihood of scar tissue or contour deformity. We usually recommend continuous garment use for a period of six weeks.

What is the key to a long lasting result?

Liposuction is simply a contouring and shaping procedure. It does not affect one’s weight or overall health. The key to a lasting result is a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise and maintenance of a stable weight. In addition, good skincare with moisturizers that contains ceramide, sunscreen, and healthy diet will also contribute to a healthier and longer lasting liposuction result.

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*Individual Results May Vary