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Mommy makeover is one the most common procedures performed in Houston, The Woodlands, and Conroe, Texas and is a large part of Dr. Paul Gill’s practice. He takes great satisfaction in helping women affected by pregnancy, aging, and the effects of weight-loss to restore their breast and abdominal contours and enhance their sense of femininity. As the husband of a busy dermatologist and father of two daughters, Dr. Gill is aware of the demands women have to their family. He often finds patients want one procedure with one downtime and one recovery to help restore and rejuvenate their bodies post pregnancy, post-aging, or weight-loss.

There are many options to the mommy makeover and an individualized plan can be made during consultation with Dr. Gill based on the patient’s anatomy, their desired goals, and amount of available downtime.

In terms of the breast, patients are typically concerned with volume loss and loose skin due to effects of pregnancy and breast-feeding.

What are the options for Breast Enhancement:

    1. Breast Augmentation: utilizes an implant to help increase the size of the breast and restore volume that may have been lost with pregnancy and breast-feeding.


    1. Breast Lift: this involves removal of loose skin to help reshape the breast and restore the nipple position to a more youthful position. A breast lift will also create more cleavage and upper pole fullness to the breast.


    1. Breast augmentation with Lift: this is a common technique that works very well for women who have had postpartum deflation and volume loss along with loose skin from stretching of the ligaments due to breast-feeding. This procedure involves use of an implant to help restore the volume and then a breast lift to help reshape the overlying skin and soft tissues. This can help correct any size or shape asymmetries and help restore the breast envelope to its pre-pregnancy state.
    2. Breast Reduction: women who have seen increase in breast volume after childbirth can undergo a breast reduction in which excess breast tissue is removed and the remaining loose breast skin is tightened to lift the breast and provide a more natural youthful breast. This can offer a significant improvement in musculoskeletal issues such as neck and back pain associated with the breast tissue excess.


  1. Breast Revision Surgery: this is not uncommon for women who have had a prior breast augmentation and then undergo their childbearing years to see loose skin and loss of volume in their breast. These women are excellent candidates for a revision breast augmentation or breast lift procedure, where the loose skin envelope that has developed can be tightened around existing implant and either a larger or smaller implant can be placed to optimize shape and symmetry.

What are the options for abdominal rejuvenation?

Dr. Gill will perform a detailed exam of your abdomen and provide you with options for contouring of the abdomen. His detailed exam assesses the upper abdomen, the central abdomen around the bellybutton, the lower abdomen, and the flanks. We then assess the tissues amongst these areas in terms of the amount of skin, fatty tissue, and loose muscle. Based on this assessment we will make recommendation to the type of abdominal contouring procedure that will optimize results.

    1. Mini Tummy Tuck: This is designed for patients who have loose skin and muscle only in the lower abdomen, but maintain good tone and skin quality of their upper and central abdomen. Dr. Gill can perform liposuction of the upper abdomen, central abdomen, and flanks with this procedure. This procedure works very well to obtain correction of the loose skin and muscle confined to the lower abdomen.


    1. Tummy tuck with liposuction: This procedure is designed to address the loose skin, fatty tissue, and loose muscle of the upper, central, and lower abdomen. Dr. Gill believes in the use of extensive liposuction of the flanks to help restore the feminine silhouette and contour. This offers superb clinical results and is probably the most common performed abdominal contouring procedure in Dr. Gill’s practice.


    1. Extended Tummy Tuck: this procedure involves the tummy tuck with liposuction, but the incision extends beyond the flank and hip area. It is utilize for patients with a large amount of loose skin due to large amounts of weight loss by medical or surgical methods. We also perform the extended tummy tuck in patients who have had multiple pregnancies, or pregnancies with twins or triplets. It allows us to address the flank and hip excess skin in a more elegant and natural fashion.


  1. Body lift or Belt Lipectomy: This is a procedure that addresses the loose skin of the lower back, buttocks, and outer thighs, along with the extended tummy tuck. This procedure is commonly performed in patients who have had a significant amount of weight loss either from surgical or medical weight-loss procedures. It provides optimal contouring to the trunk as a 360┬░tummy tuck or circumferential tummy tuck.

What is the recovery from a Mommy Makeover?

We recognize that many moms have a busy lifestyle taking care of their children and family or trying to balance a professional career.

To discuss recovery, it is often best to offer a timeline that most patients follow through the surgical process. We will always begin with a screening mammogram, preoperative lab-work, and any necessary medical clearance. We will then arrange a preoperative visit to review your results, discuss your procedure in terms of recovery/risks/realistic expectations, to go over your pre-and post-care instructions, and give you prescriptions. This is a good opportunity to bring a friend or family member to the visit who will be helping take care of you so that they can be well-informed on your recovery and procedure also. The surgery itself to takes anywhere from 2 1/2 to 5 hours depending on the amount of breast surgery, liposuction, and tummy tuck surgery that is necessary. Depending on your medical condition and the amount of surgery, we may recommend an overnight stay for your safety and security.

Typical recovery involves approximately a week to 10 days of taking pain medication and limitation in activity to allow your body to safely heal. Our goal is by two weeks to have you off the pain medication, drain tubes removed, returning to desk work or light-duty work. However, we will caution and restrict any heavy lifting/exercising or heavy manual labor for 4 to 6 weeks to allow your body to fully heal and obtain the best possible long-term results.

During this timeframe you’ll see Dr. Gill for a one, three, and six-week visit to assess your progress and make appropriate recommendations to optimize your recovery and overall result. You will then visit us every three months for one year such that we can closely follow and monitor your incision for optimal scarring and to also closely follow your result and assure we optimize the end result.

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