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This procedure is designed to treat loose skin, fatty tissue, and loose muscle that occurs due to aging, pregnancy, and weight loss. This procedure can offer substantial improvement in the overall body contour to the truncal area and is commonly performed in Houston, The Woodlands, and Conroe, Texas. Dr. Gill utilizes a special muscle plication technique designed to restore the abdominal silhouette and contour from both a profile and front view. He also utilizes extensive liposuction of the flanks and strategic contoured areas to restore the hourglass and feminine silhouette.

“I LOVE DR. GILL AND HIS STAFF. Very professional and pleasant, I would do my tummy tuck a million times over. My jeans fit wonderfully. And People notice. The time he spent with me answering question and making me feel comfortable was a huge positive. Everyone I have encountered knows I have had a TT and who did it….I have given his name to anyone who would listen….family, friends, and patients. The quality of care was great from consultation, to pre-op, the Surgery Center was great and post op care was wonderful.”
– M.C.

Individual results may vary

What can you expect during the initial consultation?

The visit will begin by a detailed history from Dr. Gill. He will take the time to closely listen and understand your concerns and goals from surgery and perform a detailed physical exam. This will then lead into an informed discussion of what procedure can best achieve your future goals and expectations, followed by a discussion of the tummy tuck recovery, risk, and realistic expectations. There are several different options to the abdominoplasty procedure and each one is tailored to address different body contours.

How do you assess the abdomen in your exam?

When assessing the abdomen Dr. Gill divides it into four different areas: the upper abdomen, the central abdomen around the belly button, the lower abdomen, and the flank area. In each of these areas he will assess the amount of skin, fatty tissue, and muscle laxity and base my recommendations on what will provide optimal results based on the exam of these areas.

What are the different options in tummy tuck surgery?

    • 1.Mini tummy tuck: This procedure is designed to contour patients who simply have laxity of the skin and muscle confined to the lower abdomen. In order to be a candidate for the mini tummy tuck, the patient needs good skin and muscle tone to the upper abdomen and the area around the bellybutton. Dr. Gill can often perform liposuction of the flanks, upper abdomen, and central abdomen with the mini tummy tuck.


    • 2.Tummy tuck with Liposuction: Our tummy tuck technique is designed to address skin and muscle laxity of the upper, central, and lower abdomen. We design an incision to hide well within the underwear line and is typically from hip to hip within this underwear line. This technique allows us to remove the loose skin, tighten the abdominal musculature, and perform liposuction of the flank area. This technique provides for a very pleasing result in contour and shape. We also reshape the bellybutton with a special flap based technique to provide a nice natural bellybutton without the typical circular appearance that is a tell-tale sign of a tummy tuck.


    • 3.Extended Tummy Tuck: This technique is for patients who have loose skin and fatty tissue that extends beyond the hips into the flank area. The incision is designed within an underwear and extends beyond the hip area to allow greater removal of skin. This provides optimal reshaping and contour improvement to the flanks and hip area. Dr. Gill also utilize extensive liposuction with this technique to deliver superb contour changes along with our tummy tuck technique.


    • 4.Body lift or belt lipectomy: This is essentially a circumferential tummy tuck or 360° tummy tuck where we remove the loose skin and fatty tissue of the lower back, buttock, hip and flank area in addition to the tummy tuck. This procedure does a wonderful job at reshaping the buttocks, the lower back, the outer thigh, hips, flanks, and abdomen. This procedure works remarkably well for patients who have lost a large amount of weight, either from a medical or surgical weight-loss program.

How do you perform your tummy tuck technique?

I spend a lot of time trying to hide the incision within a patient’s normal clothing or underwear. I will typically recommend that my patients wear an underwear the morning of surgery to help me hide the incision within their regular clothing. I believe the key advantages of this tummy tuck technique are my use of multiple layers of muscle plication. I perform a two layer muscle plication repair on all my patients to allow strength and integrity and minimal chance of muscle break down. We have also developed a method that allows for aggressive liposuction in strategic areas to provide optimal contouring and redefine the feminine silhouette. We find that the combination of our liposuction technique and multilayer muscle repair delivers superb clinical results that our tummy tuck patients are extremely happy with.

What is the recovery process from a tummy tuck?

Individual results may vary

In order to speak about recovery from a tummy tuck, it is often easiest to give a timeline.
Dr. Gill always start off with appropriate preoperative lab work, along with any necessary medical clearances. As part of scheduling your surgery, we will also schedule a preoperative visit once all tests are back to review your results and discuss the procedure and recovery in detail. This is a great opportunity to bring a family or friend member to the visit, who will be helping in the postoperative care process. At this visit we discuss your pre and postoperative care instructions, the surgical procedure in detail, the recovery, risks, and realistic expectations. Then the morning of surgery you will see Dr. Gill 20 minutes prior to perform your surgical markings. The tummy tuck procedure takes anywhere from one hour to four hours depending on the amount of skin that is removed and the amount of liposuction that is necessary. You will be given the option of staying overnight or going home depending on your medical history, the amount of surgery performed, and your overall comfort level. Most tummy tuck patients are sore and require assistance for approximately 10 days to 2 weeks. Our goal is to have you off the pain medication, drain tubes removed, walking upright, and able to return to a desk job by two weeks postoperatively. However we will limits your activity level and require the use of abdominal binder for 4 to 6 weeks. This typically means no heavy lifting, limited exercise, and careful follow-up with Dr. Gill. Usually by six weeks patients are free to return to the gym and daily activity without restriction.

Our typical follow-up regimen is one, three, and six weeks follow-up visit then every three months for a year. This allows Dr. Gill to closely monitor your incisions and ensure you recovery is optimized and the end result is the best we can offer.

How long does swelling last?

Swelling typically is most prominent during the first two weeks after the tummy tuck procedure. We do see that about 85 to 90% of the swelling is resolved by six weeks. Hence, 10 to 15% of the swelling can still be there at 6 weeks and this can take up to 4 to 6 months to fully resolve.

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*Individual Results May Vary